Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I have ants in my pants. Literarily.


(Sorry, man, at 2am, that's funny).

So, like, I'm on page 19 of zeh rewrite. *Snicker* I spend about as long making notes and crossing crap out as I did writing this shit (and I MEAN shit) in the first place. Which makes me sad. Y'know. It taking me three months to finish the first draft and all.

I need somefing to read. Yeah, I have a huge to-read list (it's right up there in length with my to-watch list) but I don't have anything. You know. In my hot little hands. If I can stay awake after work, it'll be a trip to the library for me. I've been lusting after Michael Chabon's new-ish book, maybe I should just suck it up and bump it to the head of the reading list early. I mean, I DID force myself to finish that horrible penny-dreadful I started reading like 3 years ago, don't I deserve a little literary luvins now and again? The fact that it's about Sherlock Holmes has NOTHING to do with the lusting. We swears it, precious.

***please note, I have had NO FRICKING CAFFINE***

Have you seen the pictures of my evil plant lately? I want some flowers for my cubicle. So'z I can feel connected to all the nature I can't see because the blinds are drawn. I'll have to go somewhere and buy some more magic rocks if I get a flower. Magic rocks make things grow, didn't you know that (they probably just keep the moisture in the soil, thus preventing my black thumb of death from killing said plant)?

Uhm... whaddelse. Spelink iz fer sizies. The next ivy plant in my cube should be a climbing ivy. With the little suckers. Those're cool. And they'd obscure the droll grey pattern in the droll grey fabric of my cubicle walls. The carpets and walls are grey too. Did I mention that?? When I'm the supreme ruler of the universe, the walls will be blue and the carpet tan and the cubicles will be blue with fishy patterns and the cieling will have broken rays of light coming through, and the rest will be ambient and soft and warm and happy.

Fishies make me happy. Salt water fishies. Both in the tank and on my plate.


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