Friday, April 08, 2005

In a chatroom with someone in the next room

Yeah. I think it susinctly sums up society now days. I'm in a chatroom with my husband, who's at home, a coworker in the next room, and a friend who USED to work here. We're trying to work out our breakfast plans.

I loves me the pancaks, and I loves me the little flat sausages. However I don't think I'll be having either, wherever we end up--I'm not feeling so gewd. Serious rumblies in my tummy.

Cuz the internet totally wants to know the minutae of everything I do in my life, I was thinking of just getting strawberries with whipped cream. That'd fill the whipped cream void in my life. Wow. that's actually a void I didn't know I had. Amazing.


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