Friday, April 01, 2005

In lieu of a pony, this'll do

Dude, my sister baked me a pie. And it's a really PRETTY pie too. The way you'd picture the perfect cherry pie to look. I almost don't want to cut it opened and eat it, it's too nice. Maybe I should schlack it and mount it on the wall.

I got a call about an hour after I fell asleep this morning that she needed picked up from school, so I rushed up there. Picked her up, and ended up passing mom who had just gotten the message. I spun around and headed back to the school and rushed to catch up to mom--which probably isn't smart/safe when you're half-asleep, and let mom know I got her, then I took her home so mom could get back to work. On the way home I pitched and moaned that I was the most under-appreciated person in the tri-state area and that I wanted a pie. I'm not sure why, exactly. I don't like pie crust, and most pie fillings are too sweet for me, but dammit, pie seamed really important at the time. Then again, once, in a fit of half-sleepedness, I rolled over onto my sister when we were camped out on the floor, put my arm around her and declared "people are teddy bears too!" so I'm not really responsible for my actions when I'm mostly asleep. I shouldn't be doing ANYTHING when I just get out of bed--it takes me like half an hour to an hour to be fully conscious.

I got four hrs sleep total, then I had to take James to work. I got home, decided to get online and check on how the pope was doing, and just as I was about to go back to sleep, I got a call that Charlie was running late and wanted to bum a ride to work. Soooooo I went to pick him up and he had the pretty pie from Mary. He said "we don't necessarily like eating it--we just like baking stuff." I told them that they should open up a bakery if that was the case. They should profit off of their unseamly attractive baked goods.

I also informed him (because, y'know, he hadn't heard it before) that I was the most under-appreciated person in the tri-state area, having rescued all of my sibilings (including Jenn on Tuesday) except Melissa this week when I'm working the overnight, but there's still some week left. I'm sure she'll manage to get stuck at ball practice or something and need picked up some time next week when I'm about to pass out from tiredness.

I told him that I wanted--DEMANDED--a birthday party this coming year, with an icecream cake and presents. And possibly a pony.

So now I'm going to post this, pretend to work on revisions for about 3 minutes until I fall asleep with my evil blue Pilot marking pen of doom perched in my hand and trailing ink across the page and down my leg. I have a fluffy blanky and it sounds like a decent plan. God bless the pope.


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