Friday, April 15, 2005

I've decided to have a nervous break down.`

It seems like the only reasonable thing left to do. I mean, other than kill myself. James' stupid employer took out a whopping $200 dollars the whole time they were owned by the people who owned them last, so we owe over a thousand dollars to the nice people at the federal government that're going to use my tax money to pay for a bunch of shit I'm morally opposed to.

It was going to be tight paying the tuition every month for school and tuition for voice lessons, and still meet all our stupid obligations. Now I'm probably going to have to drop out of school before school even starts. I hate taxes. I benefit NOTHING from them. I'm one of those middle class suckers that pays and pays and gets nothing in return. I'm paying thousands into SSI and I'll never even see any of that when I'm old and destitute because I had to cash out my 403b to pay my fucking taxes. Hows about this. Instead of relying on my employer to actually read my fucking form correctly where I mark down how many deductions I want, and actually fucking DEDUCT it. I know. New fucking concept. Actually maintaining your paperwork in a competent manner and fulfilling your end of the bargain.

Becoming overmedicated to the point of not knowing my own name seems like the only option that doesn't involve suicide because now I don't have money for fucking graduate school and It really is my own fucking fault for not only checking this before hand but being an incompetent fuck incapable of managing my own life.


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