Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mellow harshed, nap completed, icecream consumed

That's sort of everything I accomplished today. I forgot to water the flowers until like 6 or 7 or something, so I'm sure they'll all die horrible deaths and blame me for it.

Mom asked if I was singing at confirmation on Wednesday. I'm like yeah, I want to use a vacation day calling off work so that I can be driven insane by the person who drives me insane. As she did this morning--you know, the way we're doing something isn't official until it comes out of her mouth. SHUT UP. WE CAN HEAR THE DIRECTOR. IN FACT, WE'D HEAR HER BETTER IF YOU WERN'T SO BUSY TRYING TO REPEAT EVERYTHING SHE WAS SAYING. THANKS.

There were some spectacular crashes in the NASCAR race today. I fell asleep during a particularly good one but woke up just in time to see this dude's oil catch fire and he was shooting huge orange flames out of the back of his vehical. It was like Back to the Future, but no one saying 'woh. This is heavy.'

The nap would have TOTALLY been better if James wouldn't have kept making noise and talking to me and cheering and stuff. Then he got mad when I told him to shush. Oh well.

I had some rilly rilly gewd vanilla icecream today. I guess I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy. I'd rather have good vanilla instead of chocolate now days. Starbucks, bless their little satanic souls, have the bestest vanilla frappucino. It's the best vanilla milk shake ever and ever.

That about sums up Sunday. Oh, and Charlie came over and we watched last week's episode of Dr. Who. We got him totally hooked.


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