Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Points of order

1) Kafkaesque is still a stupid word.

2) The last issue of Teen Titans was so unmemorable, I couldn't remember if I read it or not so I read it again, and every time I'd finish a page, I'd think to myself I mustn't have read the whole thing. I guess I only read part of the way through. I bet the next page will be a new page I haven't read yet. The highlight is Nightwing at the end and Roy with his guns. Roy makes me laugh. In that Ollie-lite kind of way.

3) I still haven't been to bed yet. This is a problem. I was supposed to see my shrink at 6:30 then go to choir practice at 7:30, I'm wondering if this will happen now. Because, honestly, I'm so tired I could barf, and I really shouldn't have been driving. I don't know how Ted manages to make it home every night. Ted REALLY needs to move closer. Not because of the inevidable movie nights that end with my carpet being littered with little specks of popcorn dust (air-popped, biotch), but because Ted needs to check himself before he wrecks himself, and then I'll be sad because he's a nice person and his cookies are of legend.

4) Once again, I can't remember what 4 was. It's some kind of four-block.

5) Kafkaesque is still as stupid of a word as when I started this post

6) The no-bake cannolli turned out good. I put too much sugar in the ricotta. I can blame my grandmother for that bad habit. I keep putting sugar in the ricotta when I make stuff, then I say WHY did you do that? But the next time I go to make lasagnia or something, I'm like OH MY GOD, IT WONT BE GOOD WITHOUT SUGAR!!!!!

7) On a seperate note I've been eating a bowl of ricotta like every day for two weeks. I'm sure that makes me demented somehow. But it's like cottage cheese without the eww and gross factor. Same with yogurt. It'd be good if they just left out that part that makes it TASTE all acidy and spoiled. I know it IS, it's curtled milk for heavens sakes. But it doesn't need to taste like that. It makes me feel barfy.

8) We got a Ganthet and Kilowag doll from DC Direct, and James thought the best place to display them would be behind my grandfather's ceramic deer, and behind my statue of the Holy Family. Someone'd better thing again.

9) I'm sorry, they're not called dolls when boys play with them. They're "action figures." Which is French for "dolls that boys play with."

10) DC fricking sucks for killing Sue Dinby, even more than they suck for killing Ted Kord. They broke up the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold dynamic duo of haterid and funnies. Ted was the straight man. Now the only person left for Booster to play off of is Batman. We see how that worked out for Dick Grayson. He spent time in therapy and now has parent-issues.

11) Oh yeah, and DC can just go to hell for bringing Jason Todd back. The lame-asses used a 1-900 Kill Your Partner hotlinen to let fans determine Jason's fate, and so they kill him. And then they leave him dead since like 1989. Which was OK. It gave Batman even MORE angst (angst being like jello, there can never be enough and there's always room for more). But then they went and brought back Ollie, which was OK. But then they had to go and bring back Hal. You people can't keep ANYONE dead. You have commitment issues. And I never LIKED Hal. He needs to get together with Wonder Woman so they can be self-righteous assholes together and keep their self-righteous genes out of the pool. However, I will give DC kudos (did you know kudos is a singular word? I FUCKING LOVE GRAMMAR!!!!--I digress) for bringing Jason back evil. That's the path the kid was going down anyways, why not just accelerate the process. And it was almost therapudic to watch Jason beat the crap out of the Joker with a crowbar. *snicker*

12) The sky is blue, it's hot, I'm wearing shorts, and the trees are still barren and skeletal. TEXAS. FOR FRICKING REAL. THIS TIME. YOU GUYS.

13) Homestar Runner is smarter than many of the people I encounter on a daily basis.

14) Time to rearrange my nicknacks and brickabrack and give the dog a bone. I'm sick of seeing the dried sweedish flowers from Ikea next to the statue of St. Francis. I don't know why, but it's offending my sensibilities. It's very kafaesque.

15) I still hate that word and everyone who uses it incorrectly. Nix that. I hate everyone who uses that word. Ahh yes, the tale of my self-loathing continues to unfold.



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