Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Pope gives me giggling fits.

So I lost the pool on who the next pope was going to be. But come on, it's Ratzinger! It's too yummy! He was pope for all of thirty five seconds and they were already dredging up 60 year old stories about him being a member of the Hitler Youth (he did desert when conscripted into the service on moral grounds, however) in order to discredit him. And bringing up that the dept. he was the head of was in charge of the Inquisition... y'know... 300 some odd years ago. He hasn't even DONE anything yet, and they're attacking him. Merely BEING is causing the media and the libs and the "progressives" fits. We were eating lunch and the pizza place had CNN on, and I couldn't stop giggling through lunch. Eventually the manager turned the sound off on the TV and James made me leave.

You go, Benedict XVI. Rok on wittcher bad self.


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