Monday, April 04, 2005

Ring around the bunny tree

Ok, I fricking hate the internet. Yet another post has been eaten. I click "publish post" and the stupid thing makes me log in, takes me to the Dashboard, and eats my dang post. Lost somewhere in the eather. Guess that'd make this a post about the Eather Bunny. He. He. (Shoot me)

Here's the short version (We'll leave out the stuff about how mom never remembers when I'm working for another post)

1) Slimfast's Cappucino Delight is only mildly cappucinoy, and not at all delightful. However, I've consumed the entire damned case because I'm too lazy to make myself food when I get home from work and it has provided 6 dinners that I didn't have to cook. Laziness is both glorious and the suck.

2) These people have this live tree in their front yard that's so perfect it looks like a Christmas tree, and they decorate it for every holiday. The halloween lights and little ghosts are cute, the hearts are cute, the eggs freak me out and the bunny in their kitchen window scares me and I think it's causing ansomnia.

3) Mom needs to remember when I'm working. Because it doesn't change. And she asks like 3 times a week, every week. And then promptly forgets. OOps, I said I wasn't going to talk about her.

4) I forget what number four was, but it seemed awful important at the time.

5) I hate people who suck.


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