Friday, April 15, 2005

Something positive about paying taxes.

I tried to think of something positive I recieve from paying all these taxes. There's the federal highway system. Which is really nice and smooth once you get out of PA. And I get to travel on once a year when I go to Kansas.

Which I now can't afford to do because I owe so many fricking taxes and because of the price of gas, and the stupid 44 cent federal tax on gas.

I fricking hate the government. They're completely ineffectual, and any program they try to institute is NOT cost-effective by nature of the fact it's the federal government with it's vast buraucracy and unsightly overhead. They're even LESS effective than the United Way, which has a 20% overhead. I'm not sure a more intrusive, impotent and incompetent body exists. Well, that's not true. There's the French government. They suck way worse than we do. Go look up their "work more to earn more" campeign. Guess that "progressive" 35 hr work week where no one's allowed to work OT has really worked out for you guys, huh?


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