Thursday, April 07, 2005

These words actually passed my lips.

"The Pope is dope."

In response to the following quote from 1999:

Sadly, too many people today are living apart from the light – in a world of illusions, a world of fleeting shadows and promises unfulfilled.

What I was trying to say is "right on, Pope!" Man. That didn't come out right, either. He's right. Ok, there we go. Beauty in simplicity and all that. In the pop culture, it's perfectly normal and even highly regarded to keep chasing after images and illusions and dont recognise anything sincere and truthful when it crosses their path.

I keep looking for consistancy or at least something tangable in the world at large, and I don't find it. The only place I find it is at church. I guess that's why I get so hyperventalaty when things get weird there.


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