Tuesday, April 19, 2005

TV Roundup--cuz you really didn't want to know or care

Smallville.... ever quicker making it to my "not worth watching" list. Which makes me sad. What makes me even sadder is that Evil Lex is just SO MUCH FUN to watch. I know it'd do no good (remember the Society Against Cruelty to Chrichton?), but I feel compelled to start a petition that they stop perpetrating violence against Pa Kent. What did HE ever do to anyone??? On a seperate note, I'm waiting to hear about Pa's wild youth spent living under an assumed name in Hazaard County, where he is still wanted by the law.

Alias... Saw the whole A. Sloan thing coming. The part that was shocking and giggling to me was that it's JOEL GRAY!!! That's just FUNNY. Michael is SUCH a fuck. Just because Jack hasn't been a total fuck lately, Michael has officially passed dad in the total fuck race.

Eyes... what the hell?? Why did my VCR shut off and not record it? I think my VCR hates me.

Numb3rs... I'm ashamed to admit I watch a show on CBS. Well, I guess my Nana and I have something in common. No matter how hard this show tries, though, math will NEVER be cool. It's still fun though, and anything by Ridley Scott can't be all bad.

Dr. Who... Caught five minutes of Saturdays episode, will watch the rest later. The Doctor REALLY CAN'T STEER THAT THING, can he? Unless the Tardis is starting to get smart and is really in charge of the Dr's mission. Oh yeah... Way to give mom a heart attack. The police should have arrested him for kidnapping or something, just because. That'd be fun at booking time... Wonder if the Doctor keeps the same finger prints when he regenerates. The Jon Pertwee doctor HAD to have been arrested on earth at some point in the 70's. He was just that kind of a guy. As for last week's episode... the girl who played the maid was really cute. Gap-toothed, but cute.


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