Friday, April 22, 2005

What's not to love?

There wasn't much Eric in this week's episode of Alias, but Eric's failed attempt to make a joke/be casual with Jack sent me into giggle fits. Oh yeah, and his plans to score a free sample platter while on the job. And what's with the proposing 'yet' thing from Nadia? Is it just a matter of time? Oh man, that'd be too yummy. Sloan'd have to continue being nice to him and stuff if Eric was the father of Creepy Evil's grand-puppies. I have to stop. I'll start giggling again.

What was up with Lois' boob holding corset? And pink? It was freakily Barbie-esque. But in that outfit... hell, *I* would have done her. *shakes head*

I'm sure there was actual CONTENT in that episode, but I couldn't recall, once Lois'... assets came into view. Krypto... yeah. That's it!! More Krypto! Less Lana! Lana's a stupid crybaby! Krypto eats badguys!

FINALLY got Eyes. It's good to see Harlan using his evil for good instead of evil.

Blind Justice... Jim's partner has especially good hair. That's about all I can think of at the moment.


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