Monday, April 25, 2005

Who wants to be my new phone company??

Comcast has pushed that final button by shutting off my long distance for being 'consistantly delinquent.' we keep getting these damned "past due" notices, then we call them, and they say we're OK, and then it happens the next month. What the fuck? So I'm now shopping around again. Lets see how badly Vonage wants to fuck me over every month. Damn it to hell. I knew I should have had James call because I'm "that guy." They piss me off and I get angry on the phone, and I turn into the type of customer that I hate getting on the phone. Which is why he handles all these calls. I go into not sane land. And now my whole fricking day is going to suck because of this.


Because I'm going to let it. I'm weak like that.


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