Thursday, April 07, 2005

You can keep your crack, filthy Brits.

Ok, so I have seen the first two eps of the new Dr. Who series, and I've turned into a crackhead. I've seen some of the old stuff, and it's OK. Not too sophistocated or complex, not to mention the totally ancient production values (which is quaint and endearing in it's own sort of way, but not a world I want to live in). There's something kind of endearing about the new Doctor. He's kinda hardcore (he totally let that lady explode) and has a child-like enjoyment of adventure. There's some sadness and angst there too (total bummer about Galifrey blowing up and him being the last Time Lord and all). So, now I'm addicted in a completely unseamly way. Like, thinking of picking up my husband's zillions of Dr Who novels and reading through them (see previous post about being bookless). Then I suppose there will be very little left for me but to introduce more bad fan fiction into this world (even worse than the Sealab fanfic), which implies there's such a thing as good fan fiction, which there isn't. So we should just move right along.

The new Doctor needs a hug. He's all sad and alone and stuff (and totally emotionally blackmailed Rose into being his companion, imho). He needs hug therapy. We'll get him and Jack Bristow and Jim Dunbar and Batman into group therapy where they will learn how to hug and cry and talk about their feelings. *giggle*

Slightly off topic--I haven't had a chance to watch the first half of tonight's Alias... where the heck where Eric and Nadia?? Off at Eric's place doing the shabang-shabang? In Vagas having a Britney Spears-style wedding? Meeting Eric's parents (for a show about family, we sure know nothing about Eric's life, other than his inate every-man coolness)?

Vaughan is like two steps away from needing to be in group therapy with Batman, Jack and The Doctor, and Sydney cries WAY too much for someone who can kill you with chapstick and used chewing gum. I'm in it for the Eric now, guys. Oh yeah, and watching Sloan twitch every time Eric tries to kiss up to potential future dad-in-law. Evil people in discomforture (I hate that word too) is fun to watch.

Oh yeah, and Eyes continues to be good, and I missed Smallville but I'm slowly losing interest. It's horribly over-sexed like everything else on the WB network and makes me long for the Dark Shadows that could have been, and the episodes with Lois are the only thing that hold my interest. Clark in discomforture is also fun.

I think that's my TV wrap-up. The Brits should totally stop pimping their crack in my neighborhood. If I start trying to catch up on 30 years of Dr. Who I will never accomplish anything for the rest of my life and might as well be laying on the floor strung out with a needle in my arm for all the good it's going to do me.

Drugs're bad, mmmkay?


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