Monday, May 02, 2005

The Amazing Adventure of Garbage Can Lid

One dark and stormy Garbage Day, Garbage Can Lid was removed from his receptical as it was emptied, and he was strewn carelessly in the grass next to Receptical's overturned husk. The evil garbage truck sped away, moving on to terrorize another unsuspecting couple. Empty and away from her mate, Garbage Can began swishing and swaying back and forth in the wind until she collapsed onto her side and rolled down the hill, lost and alone...

Here's the deal... my garbage can lid went on a high-octane adventure that somehow left every surface scratched white. I couldn't find it for days and days. I even drove around the block, wondering where the hell it went.

Then one morning I open my door to get the mail, and there it is. Sitting there all scratched and alone and repentant.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF mate?

I love your little trash can lid...he seemed so sad and funny at the same time.

Not to drop a big bomb but if you check out the blog you'll find a new article about some extremely pompus racist pigs from florida and a whole controversy there.



12:13 AM  

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