Saturday, May 28, 2005

The books, they tempt me with their words

Damn Michael Chabon. He keeps writing books that I like and then I haveta read them. You know. Instead of my homework. Michael Chabon is the reason I'm going to flunk out of school. He should write more books that suck so that I have time to do classwork.

Here's the deal... the last fiction book I picked up because it looked interesting... it WAS interesting. And would have been fun if it hadn't been for the turgid nature of the language in the book. It had about all the cadence of Oedipus repeatedly poking his own eyes out with a broach. You know... poke OWW! Poke.... poke. POKE POKE POKE eeeeruug oww. POKE. Only it was like that with words instead of a sharp pointy object.

I don't understand it. There're all kinds of things I encounter and I think hey, that's a really cool idea! And then I balk at the actual execution of said idea. How can you have a good idea and suck at the same time??


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