Monday, May 16, 2005

Don't fear the reefer

It's nice to know that the Catholic Chuch is so inclusive. You know. It being the Universal church and all. It's nice to know that no matter where you're coming from, the church'll take you in.

And if you really have an artistic eye, your local parish may even let you, the local pot-head, do the May Crowning display.

I NEED to go back there and get pics of this. Like, in ways I can't even begin to tell you. There's this staunch looking statue of Mary. Very German, with the perfectly coifed hair and a stone crown. Then there's this white batting. I guess it's some kind of muslin or gausy material. And it's draped in all kinds of pretty and artistic ways behind the statute.

And it's lit from behind with a black light.

Yeah. Aparently the Blessed Virgin likes all night bowling.

I think it was set up by the two kids who got chastized for wearing orange "hi, aliens! welcome to earth!" shirts the weekend the bishop was at the parish. The sad part is... my sister was the other one. You know. The OTHER one.

I can picture the kids from the youth group passin' around the wacky tabakee, trying to think up a "creative" display, because the old folks "just don't get it."

"Mary ASCENDED. LIKE on CLOUDS and stuff. YEAH MAN. We'll get cloth and some black lights and it'll be all FLOATY AND STUFF."

Just be forwarned. That might not be incense they're burning in the incensor next week.


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