Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I really DID need the third coffee maker. REALLY.

We got a groovy digital coffee maker when we first got married. Then I got someone's hand-me-down espresso maker that also had a coffee maker on it...

Now I've added a 4-cup Mr Coffee to my collection. I wish I could keep it on my desk at work, but they're all like 'noo, you'll start a fire!' or 'nooo you'll get coffee on your computer!' Damn them and their knowing me too well.

So, I guess it's going in my study at home. Or something. You know, to make me WANT to spend time in the Batcave. Though I'm not sure that coffee alone can do that. Crack and callorie free chocolate might do the trick. Crack's about what it's going to take to get me doing my homework willingly and on time again.


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