Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just say no to forwards.


My mom forwards me e-mailers from stores that I also get the e-mailers from. I tell her this. That it's wholy unneccesary for her to send me this; that I get my own damned copy. But, she doesn't remember when I work, and I've been working the same schedule for a year, and she asks and I tell her three times a week what my schedule is. Yeah. Mom totally listens to me.

And then there're the forwards. Every forward about deleting this file from your computer or your machine will blow up in three days. Every virus that she gets that she double clicks on and says the attachments won't run, can I tell her what pogram to open them in.

[side trip story--about two or three years after the snow white virus hit the scene, mom called me at work frothing mad because "someone" had put this damned spiral background on HER computer, and she couldn't get the damned thing off. I told her to stop opening attachments in her e-mail and to run her antivirus program--now back to your regularly scheduled blog]

Ok. I think I've ALMOST broken my soon-to-be 17 yr old sister from sending me forwards. I don't really care that the chain of friendship or love or prayer or Jesus power will be broken because I didn't forward it to her and 10 friends in the next fifteen minutes.

  • I don't have 10 friends
  • I have better things to do with my time
  • I just got like 200 mail messages (James added it up for me and everything) so I need to reply to the ones that, y'know, actually NEED A REAL FRICKING REPLY
  • I have an address book entirely devoid of addresses. Basically, if someone hasn't sent me an e-mail, or if I don't have the address memorized, I can't remember the fricking address and have no record of it. Additionally, I have no means of obtaining said address because I'm simply to fricking lazy to take it down in an accessable form. I think it's selective laziness though. I'm sure it keeps me from some far greater sin.

I think it's made an impression upon her because I have NEVER e-mailed her one of those chain letters or stupid "fourty things I like" quizes. They just take for-fricking-ever.

Charlie never uses e-mail, Jenn got broken of that something like four years ago when she only used her e-mail account for evil instead of good, and my dad is only starting to get used to having conversations with me, much less sending any sort of information via e-mail.

Guy friends don't bother with that stuff... and my short list of guy friends have almost all worked at my place of employment with me at one point in time or another, so they know e-mail's only for the important stuff. For entertainment, use AIM.

So, I have one, single, lone... you get the picture... female friend. Just one. Like for real. She's a lawyer, she's smart. She writes rilly gewd. But d00d, she forwards any "oh my god, orange juice is going to kill you!!" thing that she gets in her email. I've told her once about a "misinformation" e-mail about cell phones that she needs to check for this stuff to make sure it aint a misunderstanding or outright bullshit before she fowards it to the 900 or so people on her Nightwing mailing list, or the 300 or so people in her address book (just kidding it's not that many, it just seems like that sometimes--see above sidetrack on my lack of address book).

Now I just think she sends them to me so that *I* will look them up. I'm totally going to send her a bill. I might be a libarian*-in-training, but only people who arn't clever do internships for free. **

And some other stuff happened today. Like that whole getting 200 e-mails thing, and my sister-in-law posting to her blog, which is like monumental and we should have a party and stuff. That's like me finishing my doctoral thesis and it suriving comittee and defending it and stuff. Cuz she doesn't post often. Y'know. She's also a nice person and spells rilly gewd. ***

* intentionally misspelt
**don't be mad at me, you're rilly rilly gewd. You just need to check snopes.
*** don't be mad at me, you're rilly rilly gewd too. You just need to post more often.


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