Saturday, May 28, 2005

The seeds are the sweetness

I got this seedless baby watermellon. It looks like a bowling ball with a stem. I figured, this is gunna rock. No seeds, and it's just the right size--I can eat it all by myself since my husband has a weird fruit phobia.

Only it tasted like a sugar-free, fat-free watermellon. You know what I mean... it looks like the food you want to eat that's bad for you, it has the same texture and smell, and kind of the same taste, but it's missing the thing that makes it yummy.

The seeds are the sweetness.

Aparently seeds are necessary for watermellon to be watermellon. Spitting out little black things is entirely necessary to the watermellon eating experience. There is a metaphore for life in here somewhere. Hmm.


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