Friday, May 06, 2005

Short-Lived Fame, or: Crap A Dog, That's a Lot of Hits

Wow. Aparently someone from the Comic Book Convetions.

(James' blog is also on there) Which was really cool.

I also discovered in checking the site stats that Morrisey-solo posted a buncha stuff from my blog on there. d00d. I've gotten over 300 hits just from these two pages in the course of three and a half days. My site stat graphs look wonky and disproportionate. It's NUTS. And kinda cool. But as of the beginning of this week, I'm back to my boring old 9 hits a day. So I was part of the blog-o-sphere briefly. It's like being that guy from that movie who was never heard from again ;)


Well, I'm going to go pretend to write something, try to ignore the sandwich calling out to me on my desk, give up pretending to write and go argue with people on IRC chat (I think I need a 12 step program for it--I keep hating it while doing it, promising later I won't, but eventually I end up with a needle in my arm again).

I had something clever I wanted to blog about when I was driving home for lunch, but I've long since forgotten what it was. There's a nebula out there in the universe that entirely consists of my quickly forgotten ideas. Since they were never played out, they have infinite potential. As soon as I solve then forget how to solve world hunger, there'll be an explosion as the potential of these ideas vomits forth a new galaxy.


Or maybe I should just start writing shit down.


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