Sunday, May 08, 2005

Um... I take back what I said about Episodes 1 & 2...

Just put the lightsaber down, Anakin. I swear, I was only kidding.

Ok, I've been listening to the soundtrack (which I paid $11.82 for, thanks) from Revenge of the Sith, and it's dark painful stuff to listen to. Like holy cow. It hurt to listen to. I can't imagine how dark and difficult this movie is going to be to watch. I knew Anakin killed Padme, and that's sad stuff... but holy crap. I just found out what happens to the cute little Jedi kids. You know, one of the highlights of the second movie.

We knew Darth Vader hunted down and murdered all the Jedi. They've been harping on it for years in the books and comics... But I'm not sure I can handle watching Anakin kill a room full of little kids. We all thought Lucas went soft. But that's just... over that edge, you know? Like... woh. Dude.

Lemme go post-modernist on your asses for a moment.

Perhaps the slaughter of the Jedi children is just an expression of Lucas' anger and frustration with fans who have been angry and frustrated with HIM for the last two movies. "You want 'substance' I'll give you substance!" Or maybe it's a subconscious expression of Lucas' desire to chop the most vocal and critical of his fans into itty bitty pieces with a hot plasma blade. Lucas is going to end up in my hug therapy group with Batman and The Doctor in short order, man. Anakin might be beyond help. Luke's the only one that can reach him now. But Lucas... he needs to cry and let it all out. CRAP.


Blogger Jenn said...

yeah like holy crap man. someone needs a mommy and i think its goergey porgey man.

2:01 AM  

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