Saturday, May 07, 2005

Usually, I get passed by the cops.

From Spring: heh.I try to stay only 5 miles or so over the limit. I'm not adventurous like you. Okay, actually, I just like keeping my insurance rates low. But after reading your fun attitude about fast driving, I'll think a little more fondly about the next asshole that almost runs me off the road, hahaha.Enjoy the ride!

Well, I've never had a moving violation. A couple of parking tickets. Forgetting to move the car for street cleaning and all that. But around here, speed limits are really more like... speed suggestions. Whenever I see a cop, I usually slow down to 9 above the speed limit, and usually about a minute and a half later, the cop goes blowing past me. And I don't mean passes slowly... I mean doing like 75. Swoosh.

I'm actually NOT an asshole on the road. Beside my penchant to pass people and go rilly rilly fast, I observe stop signs, I'm not "that guy" at stop lights (you know, the one that goes through after it's already red), I don't cut people off, I know how to merge correctly and generally observe the laws. Even the stupid parking ones, even when I'm in the city, and there arn't any parking spots and I'm in a rush.

Except for that one time when my back end had been smashed up two days before, and I had to pick up tickets at the box office, and I parked in an alley, left my sister in the car with the flashers on, and ran down the street and into the box office. But I think the statute of limitations is up on that parking faux pas, so it's totally ok to talk about.


Anonymous Spring said...

Um, I hope you don't think I was calling you an asshole. I just meant that your entry gave me a new perspective on the matter, and that I'll be a little nicer when I think that someone *else* is being an asshole when they suddenly whiz down the street like a bat outta hell. You know, instead of being pissed at them, appreciating their zeal for driving fast and all that fun stuff.

Cops around here like to turn on their lights when the street lights turn red so they can run through them, then turn them off once they're through the intersection. It's amazing what these guys think they can get away with. Well, let me correct myself here: it's amazing what they *do* get away with. I certainly don't see them getting in trouble for it.

Cops also pass me ALL THE TIME, but seeing I can be a little pokey on the road, that's to be expected.

Damn, I must be getting old...

1:41 AM  

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