Saturday, May 28, 2005

What does toothpaste have to do with it?

Ok, it's not my fault you have 24 hours to copy and paste a bunch of crap from a bunch of different PDF files into Word and suddenly it's not working. Nor is it my fault that it's 10pm and there isn't anyone around that I can ask for help on this issue. I looked it up, I did my best. Knowing the actual ADOBE PRODUCT you're using would help me to be able to look into Adobe's Knowledge Base to see if this is a known issue, and there's a known solution.

  • This does not require attitude on your part. Nor swearing. Nor the accusatory tone that implies that I'm not doing everything within my power to help you.
  • This may involve you walking back to the computer and going to HELP and ABOUT ADOBE to tell me the version number and the actual product name.
  • I'm sorry that things're more difficult here than they were in Africa where there are multiple products from the same vendor to choose from
  • What in the name of God does the fact that there's only one brand of toothpaste and one brand of soap in Africa have to do with you not being able to copy and paste in a program that only recently aquired this capability??
I just wish people were nicer to me. EVERYBODY has been mean to me all day. I had a lady snap at me because either someone misspoke and told her the wrong place, or she misheard (I tend to think the later) And on top of it, my mom's upset that James "had an attitude" in his voice when she called trying to get a ride to work and he said he only had 2 hrs of sleep and couldn't do it. There aparently was a "pissy subtext." God. Can't we all just get along?? Why is everyone elses' problems my problems too? Why has my deoderant let me down yet again?

It's not cool to come back and be even MORE frothing raving mad with even LESS information for me to work with, and then tell me why you can't do anything I suggest then act like it's my fault. What would you like me to do? I'm sure you'd like me to come out there right now and fix it. Wouldn't you?


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