Friday, May 06, 2005

When you positively absolutely haveta kill every Sith lord in the room

:: how jedi are you? ::


Which is mest up because I'm a girl. But I'd STILL totally be Jedi Master Shaft versus like... I don't know. Some sissy Jedi any day. But then again, maybe I want to align my inner Jedi with some boring fart like Yoda or Obi-Wan because Da Shaft doesn't make it through the next movie. Neither does that hot blue Jedi chick. It makes me sad.

Anyways... Wrigley's Extra Polar Ice gum is gewd, my little rose plant in my cubicle looks like it's about to bite it and Harry Potter has somehow, mysteriously wandered into the Penguin's hideout, who has, it appears, relocated from Gotham City to Bludhaven. That'd be deep and stuff if it wern't so weird.


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