Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yes, Virginia, There is an Internet

We get to the crux of why I'm going to hell with the latest development in my life.

Ever since I was a wee tot, I've been finding ways to kind of get around doing my homework. Not out of, just around. Sometimes over. If other people've already done the hard part, why am I reinventing the wheel? Why can't I just collect their already-analysed data, process it, and spit out my paper?

Like, uh, The Structure of Scientific Revolutons. Dry as all hell. By chapter 2 my eyes started bleeding, and I hadn't been taking notes, because I really couldn't pick out what his POINTS were, much less know what was important to jot down. So I got thinking to myself... why should I take notes? I'm sure someone in the world's already done that. The book was published in the 60's, after all.

Lo and Behold, I find someone's detailed, yet incredibly simple outline of the entire book on the internet. Suddenly my eyes have ceased to bleed.

So I got curious, and started seeing what else I could find in condensed form... so far I've found outlines and summaries of everything I've looked up.

Considering this ONE class is like 5 books a week with papers, discussions, etc. I guess I can use a shortcut now and again. I just always feel like such a cop-out cheater.

I've been slowly learning that knowing what to skimp on with homework and projects is part of time management--there usually is no way to get everything done perfectly every time. But remember when you were in grade school or high school and you'd ask which assignments were more important, etc. and you'd get a cop-out answer that they're all equally important, and you should do them all to the best of your ability...

I think in the real world that's BS. I don't give my time sheet the same care and attention I give logging my calls--one's more important than the other. I'm salary... I'll get paid whether there's an error on my time sheet or not. Additionally, my boss is nice and will just tell me and I'll correct it. Messing up on a ticket could affect the next person dealing with a customer though.

If I did "everything" to the best of my ability, I'd probably do very little in my life. My kitchen is MOSTLY clean, but the floor hasn't been mopped in a while. I'd probaby never get any sleep if my kitchen had to be perfect every night before I went to bed. I think teachers promote anal retentiveness and obsessive compulsive behaviors and disorders.

In conclusion, I'm just going to do the best I can, and I'll have just LET GO of my occational skimming of books and articles, or reading of outlines. I just hope none of my profs thinks I should be devoting 24/7 to their class and should be making every assignment the most important thing in my life. Oh yeah, and hope that if that professor exists, that they don't read my blog.


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