Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Content... What's that again?

Yeah. I know.

I used to actually put real content on here, then I started graduate school. So that's what happened to that. Now I just bitch about being overloaded.

  • One of those asshats that was torturing my sister all weekend had the nerve to leave comments on her blog. What an ass. She's gone, it's over-with. Move on with your fucking lives. What a bunch of deranged psychopaths.
  • I had some herbs get fried in the sun today, but they sprung back pretty well after I watered them.
  • Can't say the same thing for the wild flowers in the window box. I think they might be on their way out. Before they even get flowers on them.
  • Tired, headache, have to take Charlie to practice parallel parking.
  • The big fricking bucket of candy behind me is so tempting. I'm fighting off it's siren song.
And that's it from me for now.


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