Thursday, June 23, 2005

I love my husband; I'm a dork.

There were some books I was caught lusting over in James' usual stash of papers from SFBC... I said yeah, it'd be nice to have 'em, it'd be fun and stuff... but we didn't do anythign with the papers, so I figured that'd be that. I'd never actually persue it further and spend, like, money on them. I don't know why I'm retarded and can only spend money in impulse situations on myself and I feel guilty guilty guilty the whole time.

Well, my cutie patootie actually did follow up for me and got 'em for me cuz he's rilly rilly gewd. teh best even ;)

So... now i have Forensics for Dummies, Crime Scene Investigation (it's the reader's digest version, so it might not be the totally graphic one I was flipping thru in the book store. It certainly is smaller--the other one was a coffee table book), Teasing Secrets From The Dead and Mortal Evidence.

Being macabre is in style, so I'm quite fashionable right now, I suppose. I can justify it was "reference material" for my writing. Yeah, that's it :)

But dearest Internet, I dont think I ever told anyone this before, and I know you'll never EVER tell anyone else... when I was in junior high school I was actually looking into mortuary science and stuff like that as an actual profession. And not because I was the sad, weapy death-chick, either. I dunno, it just seemed interesting. Then the forensic/problem solving aspect of it developed into an interest in forensic anthropology, and I was looking into things like archeology as a career, and I was hardcore serious about it, but then I had a melt down the beginning of my sophomore year and that ended me thinking I could do anything that required actual effort.

So now I just kill people on paper. It seems like an appropriate outlet for my lost dreams. Besides, Bob like brains. Brains good. With little sprinkles on top.


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