Friday, June 24, 2005

Ok. So Puccini isn't owned after all.

It turns out I'm actually his bitch.

I just got "The Ultimate Puccini Collection". . . you know, so that I could have all my Puccini arias in one place. It's like putting yourself into a sugar comma at the state fair. It's almost like God cursed him withthe goodness that he has. I guess I can say I'm officially over Handel, then. Only took what... seven years. Mozart's just my rebound buddy. We hook up whenever things're going bad with another composer.

And I'm getting old... I was just listening to Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma (don't get me started--don't even get me started) and I'm thinking... yeah. He really was the best, and there won't be another one like him. Though I think it'd be cool to see Placido Domingo and Pavarotti going a couple rounds in a ring. Like a celebrity death match... but without the MTV lameness. More like Robot Chicken. Yeah, that's it.


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