Monday, June 13, 2005

Ok, that was a little harsh

I'll admit my last post is a little harsh, but pretty much encompasses how I feel. I'm so fricking tired of being required to care about everyone elses' wants, wishes, desires and feelings and no one giving a damn about me in return. I'm tired of people telling me how I should feel or react in any given situation, and I'm tired of people diminishing my feelings and opinions, and acting like I'm not entitled to them, since my feelings on most subject matters is outside what THEY think is the "norm." I'm just so fed up with other people. Can't I have an opinion, and just have it?? I'd be more than happy to discuss the validity of my idea, or whatever... what I'd not be pleased to do with you is discuss how I'm not entitled to my opinion. If that's the way you feel, I leave with you the following choices:
  • Don't listen
  • Don't read the blog that contains said opinions
  • Fuck off.
Personally, I'd like you to take the third option.


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