Friday, June 10, 2005

the universal Subway conspiracy.

Every time I go to Subway and get some sort of condoment on my sub, I ask for "just a little bit." Except for the times when I ask for "Just one squirt," or "the teeniest eensiest bit." Because they put on WAY too much mustard, ranch, whatever. And what happens every time I asked for "just a little bit?" At EVERY SINGLE LOCATION, they put TWICE AS MUCH condoment on as they would normally put on. Which was TOO MUCH to begin with. So now my sandwich is drenched in ranch dressing, and it's soaking through the bun and the paper wrapper. Do they do it out of spite? Because I dared to imply that the amount of dressing they put on a sandwich is too much? Do they do this to everyone?


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