Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wait... I think that twinge was personal growth.

Nope. Just a burp.

I usually feel a lot better about myself and my lot in life after I read a few celebrity gossip sites. It makes me feel like I've got my shit together :) Look at how much these people have, and how miserable or screwed up they appear to be. They don't seem to have any real happiness or joy, just temporary distractions and illusions they keep chasing after--the perfect partner, the perfect hair, the perfect body... It's sick, really, when you think about it. I might nto have the perfect figure, but it's mine. It's not everybody elses' in hollywood. They all get plastic surgery to "perfect" their look, and just end up looking like all the other plastic surgery whores.

My family's pretty nuclear, even if we're all nuts. I don't live on cloud nine and attempt to impose my wacky views of reality on the rest of the world... for the most part I'm content with the things I have. I don't have everything I want or need, but I make due pretty well. Because no matter how much I have, I'll always want more. "Things" arn't a good goal. Nor are the opinions of others. Ultimately, does it matter what you think about how I look? No. It doesn't help me become a better, nicer, kinder person. Nor does God really give a shit. God's going to judge me based on what I do, not based on your opinion of what I do, or opinion of my looks for that matter.

I feel like I should write a book "Everything I learned about how to not live my life, I learned from watching Hollywood."

That'd be a cool book :) Self esteem for the common man. The simple life is good!


Anonymous Heatheranne said...

That was so true what you said in my comments! Hey, I'd buy your book.

9:41 PM  

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