Monday, June 13, 2005

would it be possible for this day to get a little worse?

I should shut up right now, I know. Every time I say that, the day find a way to get worse.

  • huge fight with my husband. and it's a fight we keep having. You think we'd find a way to resolve it, seeing as how it's the same damned fight over and over, but I guess we just like having that fight too much
  • lost five lbs and promptly put it back on last week. yeah. that's the funny thing about having candy for dinner every day and eating half a tub of icecream all by myself yesterday. Dammit. I feel like such a fucking failure. I can't keep the fucking junk food out of my mouth. I hate myself for it.
  • this assclown cut me off today. Not only that, but he had to go around me, AT A STOP SIGN to do so. Fuck me for stoping at the fucking stop sign, letting the person who DID NOT have a stop sign go, then proceeding onward. This dickass didn't think I was going fast enough or something, and cut around me. And of course this fucker was in a Lexus. The assclowns are ALWAYS in a lexus. I'm sorry, you drive a fancy car. Obviously where you're going is so much more important than where I'm going AND the driving laws combined. Asshat.
  • Fucking can't believe I put the 5lbs back on. I wanna shoot myself. Why the fuck do I even try? Really?


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