Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yes, I continue to be an ass.

I never read the staff newsletters. Today I happened to flip through. Actually, I put it in the recycling pile, then took it back out and flipped through. I saw that Kennywood day has been moved to this coming saturday, so we can't go and benefit from the cheap tickets. I also happened to flip to the last page, entitled "In Memoriam." A friend of mine was on that page. We went to NY together, hell, we even shared a bed together in Hershey. We delt with an asshole friend together... we had a lot of fun. I stopped hearing from her shortly after my office was moved, and I don't know why... I never followed up. I'd think about following up and stopping in her office, but I just didn't. I guess I was caught up in my own little melodramas. She's been dead since 2003 and I didn't even fricking know. Because I'm an ass.


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