Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm going on a reducing diet... for my breasts

Oh god, i'm so sick of them. Take them away. Can't I give to those less fortunate?? I don't know. Maybe it's some sad combination of a clingy shirt and a weapy bra, but holy hell. They're in the way, I'm sick of looking at them. I'm sick of them hurting when I'm at the gym. I'm sick of no sports bra in the world being able to contain their giggly giggle-ness, I'm sick of them being sore all the time, I'm of my bras cutting into my skin... have I left anythig out? Oh yeah, and I'm sick of the headlights and I'm sick of looking at them. Did I mention that I'm sick of looking at them? OH yeah, and I'm tired of sleeping in the same bed as them. I think that covers everything.

If I can be an organ and tissue doner, why can't I donate my titties?


Blogger Jenn said...

you feel just like me about this , i got the cutest dress today but no matter what bra i wear with it , even none at all, my tits are still touchin my chin, im sick of my boobs!!!

12:02 AM  

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