Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No good deed...

even tho I already went to the gym today, I decided to try to run off yesterday's carmel cluster indiscretion. I was, I shit you not... 10 seconds away from the part where I stopped running and walked back to work. Ten seconds. And I twisted my ankle hard in the gutter--the one I sprained the holy living shit out of in 11th grade. I felt bones grind and shift and move, like the last time. I was half a mile away from work, so I just didn't look down or stop walking. I swore a couple of times, then marched my ass back to my desk. I was just marveling a few days ago how it had taken ten years, but my ankle had finally stopped giving me grief. Le Sigh. It's not swollen, surprisingly enough. Hurts enough, though. WAAAAAA.


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