Saturday, July 16, 2005


I now have, in my posession, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!!!!!! Squee beyond squee!!

I didn't remember that I reserved a copy and then about a month or two ago, James asked me if I reserved it, and I said no, so he reserved another one... so we have TWO COPIES!! YAAY!! NO WAITING FOR HIM TO FINISH READING IT BEFORE I CAN START!!! Do you see the cause of my squee!!?? We both also picked up a buttload more of books. One of them I wanted for a while and never had the nerve to buy in hardback (I like to read but I'm a cheap bastard). I got through the first chapter just standing around tonight :) They had all kinds of cool fun things for the kids and all kinds of happiness and joy. James felt clustrophobic (I think he'd benefit from social anxiety medicine) but I enjoyed myself. Even for the sea of human cattle (my own personal term for slow-moving human pedestrians). I'm waiting for him to finish his shower so we can start reading at the same time (squee). Hehe. Ok, I think he's done. Here we GOOOOOOOO!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I thought that you had stumbled upon Squee...the most funniest of the funnie comic books I've ever read.

I hope to read the whole serise one day.


12:47 PM  

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