Friday, August 05, 2005

I'll be as pissed off and bitter as I want

It's a free country. I may not be able to say WHY I'm pissed off and bitter--yknow, that bad thing I'm not allowed to talk about. And I know oooo there're people that have it sooooo much worse, and their life is like that ALL the time, not just for a set amount of time like yours... but I'm gunna keep being pissed.

here's the highlights as to why I'll be pissed:

  • So what if other people have "the bad thing" worse?? They don't have the family stuff I have going on right now, nor are they in school almost full time (I'd argue it's full time, taking three class-classes and voice lessons once a week, which is a whole nuther class, but hey what the fuck do I know)
  • I'm sorry they have "the bad thing" worse, really. However, I've had "the bad thing" better, and when you've had better, are you really willing to relenquish better for worse just because there're other people that have it worse, and in some perverse communist plot, you should willingly allow yourself to be drug down to "worse" because it's socially impossible to drag everyone else up to "better"??
  • Nobody's obligated to care. Nor am I obligated to stop whining.
  • This "bad thing" will kill me. I hope it kills others as well. Oh well. After this "bad thing" only one more "bad thing," God willing before this particular set of "bad things" is vanquished from my life. Fuck you, "bad thing," and the horse (you know who you are) that you rode in on.
  • Fuck fuck fuck, shit shit shit.
  • This is going to require me to reschedule two voice lessons. Y'know, because that's SOOO easy to do, now that not only do I have no time for said two voice lessons because of the "bad thing," but the "bad thing" is going to take up the rest of my life, and therefore only a Time Turner could possibly aid me in fitting in all the things I need to do like... washing, peeing, mowing my grass or cooking. I certainly won't have time for singing. On a seperate note, Puccini continues to be my bitch.
  • Fuck and a double side of shit.
  • The bad people who're making the bad thing come to pass can bite me. You can make me fully participate in this bad thing, but I'm REALLY good at doing a bare minimum of stuff. You're going to find out just how apathetical I can be. I hope the other people that you kill also have the mustard seed of apathy planted in their hearts.


Anonymous Pablo said...

Please don't let the "bad thing" (no I have no clue) kill you. I hope things will get better for you and that your "bad thing" takes a long walk off a short shit covered pier. You just go on and be pissed off and bitter. I'll join you until you've finished you double shot of fuck sauce and a shitka tonic.



4:44 PM  

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