Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's fall.

Yeah. I'm sad about that too. Fall's pretty and all, but that's just because it's the last harah for nature before dies and all the leaves fall off the trees like a more attractive version of flesh from a carcass, and then you're staring at skeletons on the hillside and everywhere you go all winter.

How do I know it is fall, you ask?? I don't think it's gotten above 75 all week, and 75 is being generous. It's been like 55 and stuff sometimes. Which, sometimes is a nice change, but it's gotten rainy, and the humidity's gone from the air. It's definately that fall kind of wet and cold feeling.

And I saw a patch of yellow on the hillside yesterday. Not a dried up "burnt by the heat" sort of patch, but a goldeny yellow whereby a tree or two is trying to make a clever exit into hybrination--as if by being pretty, we'll somehow not notice.

Lord. Winter'll be here at any moment. I dread winter. Loathe it even. I know it's not worth getting all hystarical over right now, but really--winter's very difficult for me. I've got seasonal depression in a bad way, coupled with the fact that I don't really get to see too much daylight working evenings as I do. Plus the usual depression, which gets exasurbated by lack of sleep and lack of light, lack of exercise, and everything generally being a hassle in the winter. You might have only walked five blocks from the bus stop and burned 45 calories, butyou FEEL like you've climbed Everest in the snow.


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Blogger HMC said...

But winter is so very pretty with the snow and glistening ice and the snow glare and and...wait. Winter does suck. =(

I love fall though. It's pretty and not hot. I love not hot. =)

7:56 AM  

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