Friday, August 26, 2005

It's not me. It's everybody else.

Or: I'm so tired I really dont know WHAT I'm saying.

  • Concept of me being a martini, shaken inside a big stainless steel shaker with ice and a little bitta lime... not funny to some people.
  • Posted a rather large comment on a blog and typed < /rant> at the end, and was told my code wasn't working because I didn't put a at the beginning... BOY do I hope that guy was kidding. Unless there's some untold piece of html code I wasn't privy to back in 1998 when I bothered to learn it. What would the rant tag do? Suggestions?
  • James=completely not amused with my rather loud suggestion as to why eating Sunchips would be benificial to his health. Hint: it's the OTHER thing Dooce talks about all the time.
Seperate note... I thought I was just low blood suggaring again, but I ate dinner, and I'm still living in my own personal earthquake belt. It's not me. It's the caffine, muscle spasms and lack of sleep. Yeah, that's it.

My little bamboo shoot grew some. Or at least I like to think it did.

Failed yet again to call and reschedule my eye appointment today. It wasn't because I forgot--the car's sitting on my phone and I've been staring at it all day. Chalk one up for personal laziness. At this rate I'll NEVER be a ninja.

As I continue to digress... why is it, when I need to schedule an appointment for the you-know-which kind of doctor, there's a minimum 4 month wait? And it's like five weeks for a dentist appt. What if something was really broken, you guys!?


Blogger HMC said...

I think the >rant< tag would be like the scrolling marquee thing that was popular in the nineties. You could write out your rant and as soon as people came to the end, it would scroll back up to the beginning so they would get the full impact of your feelings. It would be a tag used primarily for evil. I imagine that, for a time, it would be more popular than the >html< tag.

8:46 AM  

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