Saturday, August 20, 2005

My next, more sober post.

Yeah I'm a lush. Whaddever. My grandparents are driving me to drink. And drink things that are not yummy, like Beer and diet pepsi and rum. Not all together. Just the diet pepsi and rum were together.

But I did have some hella good Joe Zeppi's icecream last night. *drool*.... Joe Zeppie.... Who's a very nice man who gives it to me on fair trade. And I don't mean money for ice cream. Nosiree Bob, I trade fried dough for icecream.

I'm a little irritated that I slept a grand total of 3 hrs and now seem to be done sleeping and now I am typing. Oh well. It'll give me time to dye my hair purple in a rash act of protest against life and wearing makeup to work, and then make it to the gym for a record-breaking 5th time this week and work off some of that ice cream.

My spelling seems to have gotten better since I took a nap :) Which is weird. I couldn't type a correctly spelled word to save my life, meanwhile I found more words in a single sitting and without looking at how many words there were in the puzzle I do every day.

Oh yeah, fell asleep with wet hair last night. Instant Jew-fro. My sister has a case of Jew fro far worse than anything I can ever imagine. I wonder how she delt with it before she got her hair thinned? While I'm thinking about it--while I was drunk last night I took the scissors that're in the bathroom and began hacking at my hair. The worst part is... you can't even tell. Which is sad for all the hair I cleaned up.


Blogger jean-pierre said...

I'll toast you tonight, as I sip a Yellow Tail Aussie red wine.

For now, I'm enjoying the reading of your blog, while I quaff a bit of java.

7:32 AM  

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