Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ok, mostly I'm just full of self-loathing

I was all happy and full of glee when Digital Watch was put out and I got to see my widdle article in "print," but really, when I was writing it, I despised myself. I took a few journalism classes in college, thought maybe I'd like to do that. But the more I saw how journalists went about their business, the more I was deturred. Despite claims to the contrary, they basically pick an "angle" (read--agenda) then sort of go fact-hunting to support that. And if they don't find it, there's speculation disguised as actual fact involved.

I kind of had that yucky feeling deep inside when I was writing an article following tried and true AP methods... basically using other articles for my research (darn my lack of funding to go to Egypt and interview people myself). Other than referencing the research I'd done on the monastery in question and the book in question, I was limited in my ability to fact-check. Which is basically how the main stream media works... total lack of fact checking, they think one sources is fine now days, and basically do anything and everything to support their own agenda. It's like creative non-fiction or something. I don't know.

Which brings me to THIS blog entry. James and I had a "discussion" about the article in question yesterday morning... one question I distinctly remember asking was whether the article said that J K Rowling said such and such or whether there was a direct quote from J K Rowling where she said such and such flat out. Because I know journalists ALWAYS check their sources.

Mr. Gaiman was able to do better in a few minutes on google than these folks managed to do in print. Asshats in the news industry that flat out get things wrong because they're lazy piss me off. It's right up there with the reporters that read "allegid suspect" off the teleprompter night after night, and the total assclowns that WROTE that crap for them to spew.

It made me kind of sick that I've been writing actual articles based on actual facts for things. I REALLY need to stick to fiction. Speaking of which--my meeting with the other lady working on the haunted house stuff completely fell through today due to family emergency-ness. aarg. Ok, let me come back from my other self-loathing side-trip to get back on the self-loathing because I keep writing things that I could be 'that asshat' on. You have to keep your self-loathing in line.

Mmm... lets see, hate journalists, hate the media, hate myself... nope, that was everything. It wasn't REALLY a sidetrip, it was a new subject. Oh well.


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