Friday, August 12, 2005

Pretty people really do get a pass in life.

Why is it all the stories we hear about with teachers screwing students... the really memorable cases that we hear about over and over again...

Well, lets just be frank about it. She's hot. Don't you wanna kind of give her a pass?

This lady tho...

Don't you just wanna lock her up and throw away the key, without knowing what she's done?

But no, we are not a shallow society where our attitudes are based on appearances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No... I'd lock that bleached bitty up instantly - what'd she do? Theft by credit?

Now the lower picture... mmmm mamma. I could do a lot for her just by giving back massages and a cold bottle of Colt, and I'd get a lot more in return. I treat all my ladies that way.

11:04 PM  

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