Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So cold my rings fell off, and other tragic occourances

Yeah, it is so fricking cold in here (and outside for that matter that my widdle rings slid around so the rocks were facing down then slid off my fingers. My fingers are tired of typing, I've been hard-coring it for like 8 hrs, and now they're siezing up because it's so frosty in here. I can actually see fog rolling off the roof of the building next door. It's the myseriously lit kind. The kind that contains the highly potent zombie gas. We'll all be rage beasts before Thursday. Damn. This is not how I intended my week to turn out.

Meanwhile... back at the ranch...

I know I'm insane because of two things. The first is my hair. It's INSANE today. I wish I knew where the little cable was to suck pictures off my camera because my hair is past my shoulders when it's straight, and today I'm Little Orphan Annie'ing it with the magnificant jew-fro. Surely this is a sign of insanity.

Second--instead of going to the gym, i went to the park today to jog. Because the weather is nice, you see. Well, not in the 90's is what I consider nice. It was threatening to rain and humid the whole time I was there. Jogging. Today. Yeah, willingly jogging. I freak myself out sometimes too. I also had NO CANDY TODAY.

So, yeah... end of the world type stuff going on here.


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