Thursday, September 01, 2005

Americans are pigs, bla bla bla.

Yeah, not interested in hearing it. I spent all morning listening to people around the world bitch about how the people in New Orleans didn't deserve aid because America is such a fat cat, and how we brought it down on ourselves because we contribute to global warming, and how... yeah, you guessed it... the hurricane is Bush's fault (Because, y'know, there were NO hurricanes before Bush was in office. NONE I tell you!!)...

Look, just cool it and give it a rest. You people are so busy having your heads stuck up your asses that you can't really empathize with the very real human tragidy that's happening. This is a city that has lost EVERYTHING. There are other cities and towns devistated but this one is DECIMATED. There are people trapped on their roofs still, there are dead bodies floating in attics. Can you imagine being in your attic as the house filled up? Seeing the water rising? There are people who have no money to go anywhere, no place to go to, kids or elderly parents to look after... and they don't know where the rest of their family is, and they have NO WAY of finding out.

I was listening to this one guy talk to a reporter... his wife had a stroke and couldn't climb onto the roof, he was trying to get her there, and she just couldn't hang on. She told him to take care of the children and the grandchildren... their house broke apart and she was washed away. The reporter interviewing him was crying. THAT is what's going on here. So fuck you and fuck your agendas and your american hating and your politics. This is a real tragidy involving human beings, not Americans.


To those of you in the world who have offered your help and your prayers and sympathies and support--thank you. You know the importance of helping your fellow man in a time of need and I'm proud to live in the same world as you.

I'd also like to say that I'm sorry that your story isn't getting told to us by our media. I have a personal belief that the American media HATES America. Anything they can do to "show us" how evil and reviled we are, they will do. They don't show the good that Americans visit on each other, or on the world, or our successes. Nor do they show the good feelings or thanks others have towards us when we help. They're propigandists and not the "impartial" reporters of events that THEY claim to be. They can also fuck off, IMHO. And yes, I say Eye Emm Aych Ooh in real life.


Anonymous Heatheranne said...

I haven't heard any negativity from any other countries. The only thing I've heard was that the taliban was celebrating. Sick. But, that's what you'd expect from those fuckheads. People are just cold.

9:43 PM  
Blogger HMC said...

I heard about the global warming thing. Bastards.

I understand countries hating the the American govt. Chavez was pretty adamant in his haha-ing which I guess he's entitled to after that Pat Robertson thing. But the American people donated millions of dollars to help people after the Tsunami hit Southeast Asia. Little elementary school kids collected pennies and had bake sales. Some of those same kids are now homeless or dead in Louisiana. Really, it's a very sad thing when the world can say little children deserved to die because they are American. It makes me sick.

7:48 AM  

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