Thursday, September 22, 2005

...And I missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day

yeah my life's over.

I've been just plain old exhausted lately. This whole family "thing" isn't really getting "better" persay. I dunno. They make me tired and give me a headache. I still haven't finished writing up my diatribe on the evil of "certain family members." I'll forgive D for being stupid. But it was still really funny when mom yelled at him.

But L? E-V-I-L. Selfish to the umpteenth degree. At least wait till they're dead to sell their stuff. She sells that chest that was supposed to go to my sister, and I'll never talk to her ever again. It isn't about things--it's that those things mean nothing to her. My sister wants it because it belonged to great grandma, and great grandma explicitly said she could have it. But Linda is EEEEVIL. All she thinks about is money and trying to rip people off. Like that $200 bill she sent to all her sibilings (yeah, one a piece) for thanksgiving dinner one year for nana and grandpap. Sorry--it wasn't no $600 meal for two people. AKK. She's always trying to turn a profit--off her FAMILY!! I don't even think I've catalogued all the ways she interfered with my wedding and made James mad. UGG.....


Moving right along. Points of interest:

  • My little pink and green plant looks like it's making a rebound. I thought it was on it's way out for a while.
  • I got rid of what James likes to call the "gay pride" windsock (I call it the "Rainbow Bright windsock, but no one believes me) and put up a scarecrow windsock. I believe in spending the bigtime on home beautification, and that $1 has not gone to waste :)
  • It's still in the 80's here during the day. THANK YOU GOD.
  • I swept the porch off finally.
  • I have a lawn mower. Ha ha HA HA HAHAHA.
  • AND the weedwacker Linda wanted. Grandpap was happy about that.
    See, even Grandpap doesn't want linda to have his stuff.
  • I like sourdough nibblers and it's very important for you to know this, Internet.
  • I'm horribly behind on my homework
  • My baby brother turns 21 on saturday.


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