Saturday, September 10, 2005

Double-dotted quarter notes

I hate double dotted quarter notes. It's like the square root of a dot or something. And when you're singing/playing it, it's like the world stops somewhere in the space between the upbeat and the second dot. You're hanging on there, like Wiley Cyote over a cliff, and if you just don't look, the downbeat will never come. Sometimes you look down too soon, and splat before the downbeat. Sometimes you don't look down fast enough, and you fall and splat before you even realize your fate.

it's bad enough when you have a buncha notes tied together that end up having more flags on 'em than a pirate ship, or worse, a whole fleet of pirate ships that're sporting gracenotes besides (You know, to trick you into thinking they're Spanish armata ships) but I'd still rather look at that than two dots. Don't try to be such a litle space conservationist. *I* don't care if one measure takes up a whole page. Schubert didn't mind. At least I don't think he did. Or maybe some typesetters didn't mind. That's not the point.

Dots're bad, mmmkay.


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