Friday, September 16, 2005

I can't talk, but my carpet's clean.

I think it was that pie I ate. But the back of my throat is stingy and a little swollen. Good a reason as any to call off work. The only thing more miserable than talking incessantly on the phone when you have a "please kill me now" migrane is talking incessantly when you have a sore throat. So i got fed up and vacuumed the livingroom with the stuff that makes the carpet smell new. Mostly I was tired of the weird humid smell. Its way easier to lay on the carpet and contemplate your sore throat when the carpet smells new. It feels real nice too.

they're cleaning out nana and grandpap's house. they have to have everything out in 30 days. I'm sure everything I want has been spoken for. That's just the way that goes. your memories are in your head, bla bla bla... but it's the things that trigger those memories. I just feel like my past is being pulled out from under me like a carpet sometimes.


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