Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lemme check... Yup, still going to hell

Yeah. When requesting to do my observation at a school library, I failed to mention to the librarian that I'm a former student at the school. I keep thinking... maybe they'll fail to notice. I have a different last name... but my sister's still in school there. I've had sibilings in that school basically since I left. hehe. they're gunna be surprised to see me. Especially since i was notorious. I won't say for what. And the principal is my former German teacher. *snicker*


it's true--the bad kids DO become teachers. Well, the ones that don't end up in jail.


Anonymous Daily Dog said...

Funny. I'm a teacher too. Or should I say was? I was forced to retire because of my euh (how shall I put it?) - bad thing? I'm a private teacher now. That's a lot more fun and so fulfilling. What subjects are you going to teach?

2:35 PM  

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