Saturday, September 10, 2005

A musical whine

Why all the trouble with double-dotted quarter notes sporting short grace notes? Mostly it's because I can't count to nine. I get to seven, and it's like... huh? There're numbers that come after seven? That's like driving past kennywood. There's nothing beyond that. It's the end of the known universe. You fall off the map and get eaten by sea monsters if you try to count past seven when you're singing. In a foriegn language. It's ALWAYS a foriegn language. And it's inevidably in 9/8 time or something ridiculous like that. There's some kind of rule that it has to be in 9/8 time. Which is what precipitates the problem whereby I haveta count past seven. And I fall off the edge of the world and get lost. And I can't count in threes. Oh no. Because instead of it just turning everything into triplets, suddenly you've got these bizzar fractions of three, which're really just a bunch of little threes broken up into three a piece, which is.... you guessed it... NINE. Nine is an AWFUL number. NIne wouldn't nearly be so bad, however, if it were not precipitated by 8. I can't count to 8, so that's what makes 9 a bugger of a number. So I get swallowed whole by a sea monster and pooped out by 2 of the next measure, and inevidably someone's looking at me like... CAN YOU FRICKING COUNT? And Im like... uh... sorry no.


Blogger HMC said...

The last three posts were all written in the middle of the night. When do you sleep? The weekend is for sleeping!

9:44 AM  

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